E3 is Uniquely Designed to Proactively Address Top Challenges Facing Show Organizers Today

Challenge #1


Attendee Satisfaction

  • Attendees face increased pressure to justify participation at conventions.
  • Research finds attendees are spending fewer days at conventions and fewer hours in the exhibit hall.
  • Providing rich attendee experiences that deliver tangible value is critical to satisfaction and retention.

Challenge #2


Exhibitor ROI

  • Exhibitors face increased pressure to produce tradeshow ROI.
  • Reduced exhibit hall traffic negatively impacts their ability to get ROI.
  • Poor exhibitor ROI leads to reduced budgets, which costs show organizers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost space sales and ancillary revenue.

“Senior marketers are at a loss on how to measure tradeshow ROI.
This is causing event marketing to lose credibility.”

Source: CMO Council Study, Sept. 2013

Our Evaluation of Thousands Exhibits of All Sizes in Action Proves Exhibitor Effectiveness Needs to Improve!

Help your exhibitors execute clearer, better, more solution-focused exhibits that address attendees learning and shopping needs in your exhibit hall.

Improving Exhibitor Effectiveness Benefits Everyone!

Attendees have a better exhibit hall experience making them want to spend more time in the hall and increasing the odds they come back to the show next year.

Exhibitors learn what specifically to improve about their exhibit to increase the odds they get return on investment.

Show Organizers benefit from increased exhibitor and attendee satisfaction and retention.

“Exhibitors are looking for value-added services to help them maximize the potential of – and justify the investment in – event participation. Anything that can deliver insights, measurements and analytics to help drive deeper attendee engagement is of high interest to exhibitors.”

Source: CMO Council Study, Sept. 2013