E3: The Next Generation in Delivering Maximum Exhibitor Value

There is a BIG Exhibiting Knowledge Gap: The average company spends 40% of their marketing budget on exhibiting/event marketing. This spend is made by marketing personnel with little to no formal exhibiting education. Consider this fact, 98% of college degree marketing professionals received one hour or less of formal exhibiting education. This causes exhibit marketing staff to spend their time on logistics and operations, versus addressing strategic areas that deliver ROI.

Traditional Exhibitor Training Has Limited Reach: For years, show organizers have tried various ways to train exhibitors with limited participation and results. At-show boothmanship seminars, exhibitor workshops held months before the show and webinars don’t reach as many exhibitors or deliver the personalized feedback and direction E3 does.

“One to One” VS “One to Many” Is the Key: Seminars, workshops and webinars utilize a “one to many” delivery model . The magic of E3 is in the “one-to-one” model that provides each exhibitor with personalized feedback and direction on what and how to improve.

EASY AS 1-2-3: Requires very little show staff time to administer

1. Just select which exhibitor groups you want to add value for: new and low lead count exhibitors, anchor and sponsor exhibitors.2. Implement the E3 awareness plan we provide you.3. We will do the rest!

COMPREHENSIVE: Educates exhibitors pre/at/post-show

Three Link Chain

Pre-show: Participating exhibitors receive a complimentary, show-branded, quick-read tip sheet and e-book on your behalf. You can add a preshow webinar. All designed to start improving exhibitor effectiveness before your show.At-show: Our expert evaluators visit exhibitors in action. They use a state of the art iPad application and do a 21 point evaluation. Often, evaluators make specific recommendations that exhibitors can apply to make immediate improvements.Post-show: Within 5 days after the show, exhibitors receive their individual E3 report showing their individual scoring to all 21 questions. They see how they compared to their size category and all show average scores. Underperforming areas are highlighted in yellow and click through access provides instructions on how to raise scores. Exhibitors also receive access to a Stand Out Exhibit Report photo documenting best practices observed on your show floor.

AFFORDABLE: Only a few dollars per exhibitor

Investment based on number of exhibitors evaluated.Typically less than 1% of revenue collected from a single booth.Payback and ROI easily achieved with retention of a few single space exhibitors.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

MEASURABLE: You’ll know E3 is working

Post-show E3 report provides you with email open rate, report click through rates and observations about your show.
E3 post-show survey give you direct exhibitor feedback and identifies what exhibitors plan to improve for your next show.
Cumulative exhibitor survey results so far:

  • 95% said E3 positively impacted their perception of show management providing added value.
  • 93% said the report was useful in diagnosing areas needing attention and improvement and they were motivated to make changes to their exhibit program as a result.
  • 94% said the report was useful in convincing upper management to invest in and make improvements to the exhibit program.
  • 96% want show management to continue providing the E3 service.